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2015-06-15 11:41 am

Welcome, friend.

'Tis an RP account of no import for the dynast known as Say'ri.
The keen blade, known to be The Chon'sin Beauty.

NAME: Say'ri of Chon'sin
CANON: Fire Emblem Awakening (Ylisse)
AU: On the run/picking up mercenary work after her country was dissolved under Walhart's rule.
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers
AGE: 26. (Approximate - no canon age given.)
LANGUAGE: Accented Ylissean, perfect forms of the Chon'sin tongue. A good linguist.
An expensive set of family swords, the clothes on her back, and an absurdly low tolerance for bullshit.

JOB: Rather between them as of the moment - Looking for mercenary work.
SKILLS: Painting, Poetry, Calligraphy, Ace Swimmer, Excellent Swordsmanship, Adaptability.
PROBLEMS: Low social charisma, stubbornness, sarcastic and strong-willed.

PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Say'ri is usually stand-offish and brusque to start with, but will warm up to people fairly fast if offered just a minimum amount of respect. She has a harsh guard on actual physical contact, however, and you'll need time to get through that shell.
PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Though quick to anger, Say'ri will favour debate over brawls and strife - at least at first. She is a competent swordswoman, eager to be at the front of battle when the opportunity arises, but will not deliberately start fights. Unless she's employed to do that.
NOTEABLE CHARACTERISTICS: Stands at around six feet in height, maintains herself carefully. Visibly athletic.

RELATIONSHIPS: None, but she'd be open to one. Her family is mostly gone.
ORIENTATION: Panromantic.
Absolutely do not threaten any woman or child in her presence.
Do not betray your kin.

PRONOUNS: They/Them/Theirs
PREFERRED CONTACT: PMs preferred, or emails at dragonyurihell@gmail if it's not going through, I'm also Owlgriffin on Plurk.
CHARACTERS PREFERRED: Any characters for threads, crossovers are rad.
NSFW: Please get to know me first.
THREADHOPPING: Distressing but natural, just send me a PM so I know what is going on.
THREAD DROPPING: Let me know when you're bored or antsy to try a new thing.
FOURTHWALLING: Depends on whom and when, but Say'ri's tragedies are no secret. 
ACTION VS PROSE: Both are good but I prefer prose.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Please don't talk about creepy-crawlies.